From chalk and blackboard to real-time student evolution monitoring

Step up your faculty performance using a digital platform

We deeply understand Educational Institutions’ challenges. We are very proud that our platform was originally conceived and developed inside a university by professors like you. Some of beecrowd’s founders are also professors, so we always keep our connection with the academic world alive

We see a major opportunity for Educational Institutions to thrive by applying new technologies to improve students’ learning experience. But how to do that when you have limited financial budget? beecrowd’s state-of-the-art platform academic functionalities are the answer

Use cutting edge technology and move your Educational Institution’s class experience to the next level

Two usage models: no LMS integration or LMS integrated
Have access to a state-of-the-art platform that provides tools for better computing / algorithm classes
Professors can use the platform individually for a single discipline or the educational institution can use for the whole computing department
Change the way you engage with students and be able to follow their learn evolution in real-time
2,000+ coding challenges and exercises classified by algorithm type and difficulty level
25+ different programming languages available in the platform
Create and upload your own coding exercises
Functionalities to setup disciplines, homework, exams and assign them to your students
Add as many students as you want per discipline and control the distribution of activities to them
Compare your students’ performance with other classes in your educational institution or with other students around the world
Use Visual Programming techniques to teach algorithms and coding
The platform is accessible through the internet and fully compatible with in-class or remote learning
Comment your students exercises and provide feedback to them
Motivate students to give their best by creating competitions, contests and tournaments
Our platform uses plagiarism detection functionalities to avoid fraud
No need to invest in additional infrastructure as the platform fully runs on our cloud
There are no costs to use our services. It’s 100% free!
Have access to a state-of-the-art platform to learn coding and algorithms
Improve coding skills with 2,000+ exercises and challenges
Have access to our communities and learn with the support of the more experienced beecrowders
Compare skills with their classmates and peers around the world
Expand horizons by learning new programming languages. Our platform supports 25+ of them
Students control their schedule and access the platform remotely from anywhere they want
Students can have access to corporations interested in hiring their services
Kick start developing their professional experience executing short work engagements
Find part-time or full-time work engagements and make money while they are still students

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